Your big day must be extra special, but at what cost? These days, with marriage ceremonies getting so unaffordable, it's tough for your common bridge and groom to pay for everything they want. If you are smart, you'll save a lot of money and be in the position to purchase exactly what you would like. In this post, we'll discuss the best tips on how to cut costs when you're planning your wedding day.

Get Hitched On The Weekend

As much as you would like to have your special day on a Saturday, it truly really isn't worth the extra money. It's common to save money by changing your big day. You should really place a little thought into switching the day you will have your event on.

Off Season Wedding Ceremonies

Off-season wedding ceremonies are a good way for saving some cash. Just because it's standard to have your wedding day during the on peak season, doesn't mean you have to be common. Be unique! Think about scheduling your ceremony during the off season calendar months and you could save a bunch of cash in doing this.

Trim Your Guest List

Is it possible you could do without inviting some individuals on the guest list? Stop worrying about everyone elses emotions. News flash, it's your wedding day. If it's too much, you should get started on eliminating those who may not be crucial from the list of guests. In the end, it is your wedding day and your the one who should be dictating everything that occurs on your day.

Have Your Wedding Ceremony and The Reception The Same Place

You probably did not think of this one, did you? Think about how much money you could save in the event you didn't have to offer transport for the guests, or even just the wedding party. Exactly why would you have a marriage ceremony forty miles away from the wedding reception location? There are several venues that offer you a wedding ceremony and your reception in the same location. Honestly, it's well worth looking into it.

Your Arrangements

Everybody knows just how pricey a flower arrangement can get. Buy in season flower arrangements in order to save yourself a bunch of money. You should also make use of a lot more greens so that you don't have a need to purchase as many flower arrangements.


Don't bother renting 50 dining tables that can hold Eight people, you should setup 20 tables that will seat twenty individuals? You can save a lot of cash on cloths, centerpieces and table covers just by you making a simple change such as this. 

Your Wedding Cake

Today's wedding cakes are becoming costly. Large numbers of brides are getting artificial wedding cakes, and some sheet cakes in which they conceal behind the scenes. Honestly, no one seriously cares exactly what the reception cake looks like and why should you shell out all of that money on a cake you are only going to endulge in? Buy a couple sheet cakes and have the waiters bring the pieces of cake to the wedding guest whenever it's time for dessert.


Employing a wedding band or DJ can be extremely expensive, especially if you do not know how to find one. Instead of questioning close friends of yours for a DJ they employed and spending top dollar, why don't you look through a site like Book The Beat which provides many hundreds and possibly even thousands of various Disc jockeys to choose from. All of the Disc jockeys are competing with each other on this site for everyone's business, which means that you'll definitely be able to find a competitive price when hiring one.

Professional Wedding Photographer

High quality wedding day photographers can be extremely expensive and are not usually necessary for your wedding day. If you discover a professional photographer that you truly want to employ, but you just can not manage to pay for them, you can ask if they have an associate shooter that may shoot your wedding at a lower price. Associate photographers commonly photograph weddings with the wedding photographer on all of their weddings, so their photographs are going to be very similar, or even identical to the pro. 

Invites and More

Wedding day stationary can get costly, and it is not worth the money. In the end, it's most likely just gonna land in the trash anyhow. Some ways you can save money on stationary are:

Single Sided Invites - As opposed to publishing on both sides of the invitations, just have them printed out just on the front side and you will probably spend about half as much as you would for the front and back sides.

Save The Dates - Is it really vital to get save the dates and wedding invitations printed out? In the end, they are getting something in their mailbox no matter how many you send. You can even e-mail your save the dates and it will not cost a cent.

Menu Cards & Seat Cards - Have you considered making your very own menus and seating cards? There is not a great deal to making either of them. Just use a software to type these up and then just buy yourself some thick paper from the store to print them on.

There's always different options for saving, however, these ones are the most crucial. It doesn't take a great deal to save cash yet still get exactly what you want on your special day. Do not make the big mistake of driving yourself into personal debt to get hitched. It's the beginning of a new life together with your companion, so just make sure that you start out on the right foot.

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